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Why Choose a Sturgeon?

Thank you for your interest in the Sturgeon sea kayak. Listed below are a number of characteristics that make the Sturgeon the fine boat it is.

  1. Proven expedition history since 1980

  2. Unique glass-foam laminate provides greater strength and stiffness, yielding maximum performance.

  3. Superior stability from flat bottom

  4. Narrow beam equals excellent speed and ease of bracing into waves as needed

  5. Good tracking from fine entry and exit lines

  6. Easier to maneuver than a deep V hull

  7. Small cockpit opening for safety – minimal chance of spray skirt implosion

  8. Medium cockpit opening on Sturgeon ME provides easier access for larger paddler while still providing plenty of bracing surface

  9. Roomy ME cockpit provides generous leg room with high foredeck to part water

  10. No built-in leg contours to allow maximum flexibility in customizing for knee pads, etc.

  11. Higher sides by cockpit allow much drier ride than “similar” Greenland style boats

  12. Padded backband, contoured hung seat, and soft seat option allow excellent performance and maximum forward-backward flexibility as desired

  13. Soft seat offers greater comfort and width and fits a greater range of paddlers (standard in Sturgeon ME; optional in Sturgeon)

  14. Built-in Chimp hand pump – important safety feature with enough hose to pump out partner’s boat

  15. Complete decklines – important safety feature allows easy grasping of boat at any point from water

  16. 100% watertight VCP rubber hatches – still the best in the business

  17. Sheer look good looks

In my own retail operation here in Maine, I encourage customers to “wear” their boats, not as tight as one might wear a whitewater boat but so their paddling becomes efficient through proper use of the legs, hips, back, and shoulders. This translates to proper outfitting with foam and no small people in giant cockpits.

While the Sturgeon will not fit everyone – particularly those who are rather beamy – it does fit a wide range of people and offers substantial value for the price. It is my belief the Sturgeon offers an excellent combination of important safety and handling characteristics found in few other boats which is why I purchased all rights to the boat after importing it for many years.

Please be sure to read our fact sheet featuring Sturgeon specifications and history and always feel free to call or write Dragonworks with any questions, comments, or suggestions. I hope you will soon take the opportunity to join the growing ranks of very satisfied Sturgeon paddlers.

Thanks again for your interest.